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Supermodel Collection

Drawing inspiration from supermodels around the world, each piece in the 2017 collection is named after a beauty queen or supermodel. The use of a vastly contrasting colour palette, made up of deep shades of midnight to light and airy pastel tones, it has given this year’s collection a look like no other.

This collection features fabrics and textures, like chiffon and tweed, which have been carefully selected for its comfort and wearability. But one does not have to sacrifice form for function. Each piece is highlighted by delicate floral embellishments, the signature Bajoo intricate beadwork, and some outfits even combine traditional “katok” embroidery, for Bajoo to showcase their passion for the dying art form.

Designed for women of all ages, from teens to more experienced women, the classy and chic “Supermodel Collection” will surely turn heads your way this year.